Can you burn mac and cheese

First one I cooked was fine. The second one melted the entire cup and was a lump of burnt black macaroni. All these reports. This is insane. Smell is pretty horrible. I am surprised that this is so common. I was home alone and Reyes to cook one and I left the kitchen while it cooked.

When I came back there was smoke pouring out of the microwave and it was hard to breath. Never buying these again. My wife went back to the room and my daughter came in there and was hollering about smoke in the house. My wife were in in the kitchen and are microwave had smoke pouring out of it. Our microwave is completely destroyed are ceiling above the microwave is now black because of the smoke our house is completely filled with smoke and we have been trying to air it out for a while now.

This was a four pack original and they recommended three and a half minutes in the microwave. We have purchased this product many many times and never had any issues until now. I urge you to be extremely careful and use Extreme Caution when cooking this product. Tomorrow I will be calling Kraft and see what their response is. May 17, same thing happened to me on real this is been going on way too long for something not to be done not safe to the smell ungodly a plastic smell unsafe had to send my grandkids outside while I opened windows turn fans on etc.

I will be calling craft also. My 13 yr old daughter made a cup today and all was fine. With more than a minute left, the cup melted, the macaroni burned into one big black lump and smoke was pouring out of microwave. Our over-the-range microwave is about 9 months old and now the inside is stained yellow and the smell is horrific. I think national attention needs to be brought to this issue.

This unfortunately just happened to my cousin tonight. Extremely disappointed in a product that I have been so loyal to. We were sitting in our hotel room during a family vacation when all of a sudden we smelt THE smell of this burning cup, and we actually saw the cup catch on fire. We spent 10 minutes fanning the fire alarms.

Although my cousin is a little slow, he swears that he also filled the cup up with the appropriate amount of water.

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This was scary , it just happened at my home making Mac and cheese for my grandson. The Mac and cheese engulfed in smoke and container and noodles burned to a crisp. Definitely not safe. They need to do something about this. It melted so much more and the pasta was all completely burnt. His just happened to my daughter too.

I came home to the terrible smell and my daughter said she put 3.

Min 30 sec. I was away at the store. Open all windows turn on all fans and the whole house still smells like burnt plastic. I placed the microwave outside for now. Literally just happened to us. How did everyone get rid of this awful smell???? My son had a minute left as well and the pasta was black with a thick cloud of smoke.

This happened to my family this week. Luckily, I was home with my 2 daughters when the smoke filled our kitchen. Stores need to pull Kraft from the shelves immediately. This happened to me today! What a scare and a hassle too. The microwave is extremely hard to clean and the smell of smoke is horrendous.

This was probably my 30th package I was trying to make. This happened to my son this week. The house was full of smoke. The container melted and charred. And my microwave still smells horrible. This just happened to my girlfriend and I at college. She put the container in the microwave, water filled to the line, and went into her room while it cooked, only to discover the room full of smoke.

The smoke set off the fire alarm and caused the whole dorm to be evacuated. The container is melted and black. Then i opened it, a ton of smoke came out. I had to take all the pets out of the house because they hated the smell, they were crying like crazy. The best macaroni to use is the true macaroni noodle. I used a Tortiglioni noodle. The next step is to add it to oven save bowls. The topping is simply bread crumbs mixed with butter. Cook in the oven at degrees for 30 minutes. It should come out looking like this. This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite chefs, Ina Garten.

I served this dish with chicken and a salad. But it can be served with just about anything. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Leave this field empty.

How to save burned and overcooked foods: Pasta, meat, vegetables and more

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, I'm Chris! My children loved it. Then I stopped making it because it turned me off.

I just started making it again only this time with Ziti with lines. Love it again. My family has been making this recipe for years! My mother made this for me quite often. My only change is to slice tomatoes thin and plac on the top with a sprinkle of cheese over that. Fabulous recipe. Make it all the time. Agree on the sharp cheddar.

I have used crushed bagel chips or toasted bread cut into cubes in the past. I add a little chopped onion, use a variety of cheeses and have used leftover crushed potato chips,crackers,whatever for the topping, always taste terrific! My basic recipe is a little different than above, I cut it out from the box about 40 years ago…. I use 1 block of sharp cheddar and one block of pepper jack cheese. Top with Ritz or saltines or cracked pepper crackers. Excellent bite and been using the recipe for over 20 years. Yummy on a cold winter night like tonight.

She cooks the noodles al dente and replaces the flour with an equal amount of corn starch.

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Always sharp and extra sharp cheese and a good long bake to get crispy edges. Both ways are out of this world! Of course this was before the time of everything being easily accessible online lol.