Mux h264 to mp4 mac

How to Convert H.264 MKV Files to MP4 Without Re-encoding (Mac)

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Federico is also the co-host of AppStories , a weekly podcast exploring the world of apps, and Dialog , a show where creativity meets technology. Twitter: viticci Instagram: viticci Email: viticci macstories. Wikipedia Basically, Mux allows the creation of tx3g subtitle tracks compatible with most every Apple product out there, not to mention full Quicktime compatibility.

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So the obvious question:- What is the problem and how can I convert an avi file to mp4 and that will play in QT? Which video codec is used in these AVI files? If h, you are currently out of luck, because AVI doesn't store presentation time stamps PTS of video frames, required for modern codecs like h Avidemux needs precise PTS for almost all frames to be able to do anything useful with a video.

Without this info being provided by the container, the only reliable way to retrieve it is to decode the entire video, which Avidemux currently won't do it could take hours with long videos and weak hardware. In doubt, please provide a sample.

Well that sounds about right, but it doesn't look like the first one I tried is H Here's the MediaInfo output for this file:- Code: [Select]. So the problem is QuickTime, not Avidemux. Does QuickTime play this video when you reencode it as h?

Try with a short excerpt first.