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This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason. Microsoft has arguably created a hefty amount of devices along the years and it's probable that none have been as controversial as the Zune. Made to compete against the giant that was Apple's iPod Microsoft's Zune had a king to dethrone. Could the Zune software suite be enough? Manage and view your songs, videos, and pictures. Rip and burn CDs. Create playlists. Edit track and album information. Browse Zune Marketplace to discover new tunes and find old favorites.

Access media right in the Xbox dashboard, or listen to music while playing games. And don't forget, Zune works with Reasons why Zune is superior to itunes and Apple ipods or itouch e. Ignore that other review!

The reason why Zune didn't well is b ecause of lack of advertising and because everyone was telling people too buy Apple products, also some folks don't like the idea of a knockoff being better just because the Zune came out second doesn't make it an inferior product. I loved the Zune software and my Zune HD. The ZuneHD is capabable of internet, podcasts, audiobooks, apps except they removed the app market I still have apps on my ZuneHD before they got removed.

It plays movies and radio! The only problem which is only one problem I have with the Zune software is that it didn't have the same options for podcasts as movies and music. No matter what you do older podcasts will get deleted. I don't know what developers perspectives were on podcasts but the consumer perspectives should go above developer thoughts.

The Problem

I want to keep all my podcasts just like music! Whats the point in downloading them just to be deleted? I think people who critisize Zune products are people who don't even have any or are just haters! So I stand up for Zune when its needed. My ZuneHD has dropped over 25x that I lost count!

Zune software 3.0

I tried dropping it on purpose still works, so the ZuneHD was very durable and well armored. My experience with ZuneHD and this software is a true experience. So listen to my review when considering buying any discontinued Zune device or downloading the Zune software.

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Pros: Organizing music and movies is a breeze. Its an easy to understand software. The layout is perfect! Cons: Delets older podcasts instead of giving you the same options as music so that you can keep them. Absolutely Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Whenever I open it, it closes every other program I have running.

How to Download Limewire Free Music and Video to iPod/iPhone/PSP/Zune

It never connects to my phone properly and it also a hassle to use constantly freezing requiring me to end the program and restart it. The UI is also very convoluted and it is not clear where anything is. I'm not by any means a big fan of itunes as it to frustrates me from time to time but at least it doesn't close every program I have running when I click on the icon!

Avoid ZUNE at all costs! Pros: Nothing. Cons: Closes all programs upon opening.

Can’t update or install the Zune software on your PC

Fails to connect to phone. A truly bad software product..

I tried to move music to my Nokia from my PC. This involved a big download which I would have preferred not to have had to do. To cap it all, Zune did not work as it should do and nothing I could do would get my music to the phone. Some tracks worked but others did not. Jul 29, 0 New York.


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Never tried using the Zune software on it but how about using Crossover Mac its probably your best choice if you dont have a spare Windows CD, Btw if you need a Windows OS for a couple of months try Windows 7. Jan 30, 1, 20 Wisconsin. Okay, this is hilarious. Why on earth would you buy a Zune?

Especially for use with a MAC? Um, hello?!? Aug 15, 11 Buffalo. Sep 6, 1 0. Jan 28, 0 AZ. Jan 26, 7, 1, Isla Nublar. Mar 26, 8, West Suburban Boston Ma. Les Kern macrumors Apr 26, 3, 76 Alabama. Feb 21, 3 0.

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I will be activating a new line with my ip4. They need to change this ASAP.

How to put Zune software on your Mac

Last edited: Feb 27, May 19, 0. If you are using your windows phone on your mac, the new windows phone 7 connector allows you to transfer music, videos and pictures to your phone. You can find it in the app store. Mar 7, 1 0. Gingerjen macrumors newbie. Jul 6, 1 0. Help pls! I'm aware this is an old thread but I have all apple products mac pro, ipod, iphone so please don't tell me to avoid windows like the plague - I would love to!

My partner has just moved in, and has a windows phone. I have downloaded the app and managed to get all photos off the phone onto the mac, however I am struggling with the music. Is there anyway that you can sync music from a phone onto my mac, not the other way round which is easily doable!