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Once you complete the macOS setup, take another one so you can jump straight into your macOS installation. Turn your macOS Mojave virtual machine off. Now, download and install the VirtualBox Extension Pack.

Once installed, right-click your macOS virtual machine and select Settings. Prefer VMware over VirtualBox? Then, browse to the location you downloaded the patch tool to. Extract the contents of the archive. This process works best when the folders are on the same drive e.

Make sure VMware is completely closed. Now, in the patcher folder, right-click the win-install command script and select Run as Administrator. The script will open a Command Prompt window, and the patch-script will run. Pay attention. Select Create a New Virtual Machine. Choose I will install the operating system later. Next, you need to choose a name for your macOS Mojave virtual machine. On the next screen, stick with the suggested maximum hard disk size, then select Store virtual disk as a single file.

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Complete the virtual disk creation wizard, but do not start the virtual machine just yet. Before you can boot the virtual machine, you must edit the hardware specifications. Like VirtualBox, bump the virtual machine memory up to at least 4GB. You can allocate more if you have RAM to spare. Select Remove and VMware will remove the disk automatically. Close VMware.

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Head to the location you stored the macOS virtual machine. The default location is:. Browse to macOS. Scroll to the bottom of the configuration file and add the following line:. That contains the VMware tools, a set of utilities and extensions that improve mouse handling, video performance, and other useful things. ISO file downloaded earlier.

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Press OK and head back to macOS. On the desktop, you should note the VMware Tools drive symbol. Double-click the drive to open, then select Install VMware Tools. During installation, you will meet a security warning. Restart the virtual machine, and you can start using macOS as you please. There are a couple of things that can and probably will go wrong during the macOS virtual machine installation in VMware Player Workstation.

Ensure every process associated with VMware Player is off. Apple uses Intel hardware to power desktops and laptops. Configuring a macOS virtual machine using Intel hardware is easier because the hardware specifications are very similar. With AMD, the opposite is true. I can, however, point you in the direction of several macOS AMD virtual machine tutorials that do work, so long as you are patient and follow each step accordingly. You have two options to choose from for your macOS Mojave virtual machine. Both options are great if you want to give macOS a try before making the switch from Windows.

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You can also use a macOS to some of the best Apple apps on offer. You can use a virtual machine to test other operating systems too. Try a virtual machine to run your favorite version of Linux inside Windows. We show you how to set up VMware Workstation Player. Read More. Looking to learn more about virtual machines?

We'll show you how to set up Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux as a virtual machine. It's called Hyper-V and here's how it works. Your email address will not be published. Gavin, thank you very much. It worked, after 4hrs trying to figure out, stuck here and there This did not work on Workstation 15 basically, the unlock process.

I downgraded to 14 and found unlocker, I found the vmware website where you can manually download ALL the. Copied all to "tools" folder in the uncloker. Run the install. Follow the other steps to edit the file. Is there any workaround to fix it? Hi Gavin. I did all the stuff above with virtualbox. VMWare Player The latest version v3. VMWare Load prelinked kernel with status 0x Error loading kernel cache 0x9.

Everything installed okay; cmd codes done okay, i run my macOS machine and it does not load past the lines of text, no gray screen just holds with lines of text and no MAC loading screen?? Hello there! It seems the vmware mac os download links aren't working. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

Why limit yourself to one OS? Try one of these great virtual machine apps

It would be so much nice. When I choose guest operating system in VMware new virtual machine wizard, a message telling that "bit guest operating systems are not supported by this host and will not run. I've installed the new Catalina into Virtual Box but can't connect to an iCloud account.

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What can I do? Sorry, I'm not sure.

That sounds like an Apple issue, and I've also not tried updating to Catalina. Did the Catalina upgrade work?