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The Disk Utility included in all versions of Mac OS X provides basic partitioning functions, enabling creation, formatting, or deletion of a partition. Since support for dual-booting with Windows OS, there has been added the resize function, but it can't be used outside the Boot Camp setup utility. Honestly, you've got the option to resize partitions from the command line, but you're not a geek, are you? The Hard Disk Manager for Mac offers more options and it's easy to deal with! First, it supports all popular file systems of Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Second, its user interface enables you to move either the left or right border of the selected partition, thus not only resizing, but also moving the partition on the disk. Has one of your partitions gotten lost? Have you formatted or deleted a partition accidentally?

How do I install a drive on Mac OS X?

Take it easy, you can get everything back on track in a couple of minutes! What do you know about the Partition Table? So when you delete or format a partition, an operating system updates this table accordingly, this way making all sectors belonging to that partition and data they contain unavailable. As you would expect, this process can be reverted, but not with the Disk Utility. You need a real pro in this field - you need the Hard Disk Manager for Mac! Just specify the block of free space which the lost partition used to occupy to let our program scan it for records of any partition ever existed within its borders.

The desired partition will most-likely be first in the list. That's it, confirm your choice to complete the operation.

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To undelete a partition successfully, please avoid the following actions after an accident has taken place:. It is enabled by default, preventing third-party programs from modifying of certain system processes, files and folders regardless of whether they are launched by the root user or not. Does affect drive partitioning? Of course it does!

In the latest OS X layout of the system disk, modification by any third-party application is not allowed until SIP has been deactivated, which is not an option for many users. It can mount NTFS drives in read-write mode. Note: If you have installed Xcode and Homebrew before, messages will pop up in Terminal window telling you have installed them before. You just ignore the messages, keep doing the next steps.

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  • To enable SIP, you just need to follow the Step 5 and run command line "csrutil enable" in Terminal window, hit Enter and restart the Mac. If you feel uncomfortable with this method which involves so many command lines and rebooting the Mac, here is an easier solution for you to read and write to NTFS drives on Mac. They might cost you a little money, but they offer high reliability, fast write speed, excellent compatibility and free technical support, which you probably won't get from a free NTFS driver for Mac.

    It supports full read-write support. It allows you to open, unmount, eject or erase the NTFS volumes with one click. You can utilize it to repair the NTFS file system errors.

    How to Partition an External Hard Drive on Mac

    Also, the software will list all conencted USB flash drives, SD cards, external drives and memory sticks. You can open them in the main window too.

    Step 3: After your drive is mounted successfully, you can manage your drives and read-write to NTFS drives. I bet most people don't know that the Mac operating system includes the experimental NTFS write support, but it is disabled by default. You can run some command lines in Terminal to enable it.

    How to Share an External Hard Drive Between Mac and Windows | Digital Trends

    It is proven to be unstable and risky. It may cause disk corruption and permanent data loss. This solution is not recommended, but if you are curious about how to enable Apple NTFS write support, follow the steps below:.