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Now, it works even with VPN connections. If anyone knows definitively how to specify a user VPN please chime in with a comment. Many existing solutions only consider wireless interfaces, which won't work for wired connections via an Ethernet adapter ie. The current solution doesn't return the en0 device on OS X, the following code uses the System Configuration Framework to get the interfaces then uses standard C functions to get the IP address.

This answer was inspired by DavidH's answer. Note that this yields a dictionary that maps an interface name to an array of IP addresses an interface can have multiple IPv4 and IPv6's associated with it, technically. It does not distinguish between IPv4 and IPv I further debug this issue and found that I can get an fake vpn address even in other 4G networks is this iOS bug?? I raised a bug to apple and replied with "Not all utun interfaces are for VPN. There are other OS features that use utun interfaces. In some cases you can see the assigned IP address there as well.

2. Defining a device using its MAC address

We are now closing this bug report. With his original answer I will get the wifi IP fedd:7de, which was fake and connection failed.

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Great solution for swift in This file which serves all the details. In One of my app I need to fetch wifi IP address. I have used answers above, in swift 3 like this:. In this code, It crashes because I have to check for nil in each statement I have used as optional with? So it is better for me to use given linked file in my class. It becomes easy for me to check now like:.

I have parsed string for ".

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Learn more about Teams. Ask Question. NicTesla I can't comment for sure, but since its just doing basic networking calls I can't see a problem. Though that being said with the removal of the UDID from iOS5 getting the mac address and using it to develop some kind of alternate unique identifier might come under scrutiny by apple at some point in the future.

ArtFeel ArtFeel 9, 4 4 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges. This didn't work on my iPhone5 with iOS7.

Technitium MAC Address Changer

It gives me: which is not right. SjoerdPerfors Under iOS 7 you will indeed always get than same address as a privacy precaution by Apple.

Olie This one doesn't work for me The above calling code will leak. Also, macAddress should be autoreleased if the above calling code is in another method. I put this into a nice objective-c method and made it so it requires no parameters: gist. Hejazi Hejazi Whats really nice about this deprecation in the API is that it still work on the simulator correctly, and only on hardware at the moment. Kenial Kenial 2, 20 20 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Good work! Patched version can be found here: raptor.

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Apple blocked this since iOS 7 Grantland Chew Grantland Chew 2, 21 21 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges. Still not get reproducible steps, have you got it? Thank you. I haven't noticed any issues yet, but I'll keep a look out! Following up on jianhua's comment: we just received reports from a user who basically can't use the app because this code returns null for his device we use the identifier to authenticate every server call. Because your reputation isn't high enough.

I have a lot of devices connected so I would just like to figure out a way to get more info. Maybe nmap or netstat or something could help? Just check all your devices? Failing that, try forcing it off the network and see if anything breaks You could also blacklist it and see what breaks. If a new strange MAC appears, they are probably spoofing. This should give you a hand full of leads to further analyse. There is an easy and better way just log on to router's administrative panel usually Ritwik Ritwik 1 1 bronze badge.

The "device name" can be very vague even without malice I've seen "Samsung", which at the time could have been one of about 6 devices. If the router weas provided by an ISP, you don't always have even such basic features. Featured on Meta.

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