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Contra Spirits As [! Pokemon Mitsume ga tooru Hack [p1][! Sugoro Quest - Dice no Senshitachi As [a1]. Banana J Redump [! Batman Returns U [p1][! Dragon, The As [p1][! Mighty Bomb Jack U mapper. Shanghi J Redump [! Return of the Jedi Zen Intergalactic Ninja hack [p1]. Juuouki J [p1] Dumped by: CaH4e3 Simbas v1. Magistr v1. No mr. Just a big mangina, and it's ready to make Little Mac beg for mercy.

Believe me, I made sure that I beat this guy as fast as humanly possible, because I just couldn't take anymore of this freakishness. Still have your lunch inside you? Don't worry, there's plenty more hideousness to see Of course, knocking Bald Bull down each time resulted in my having to see a huge mass of horrifying blubbery asslessness. And that alone was just about enough to make me stop playing video games forever.

Yet, somehow, I was able to reach down deep inside and push forward onto my next opponents. After fighting some other characters I had fought earlier on again in some naked rematches, the Great Tiger was next. Why his lower half is glowing blue is beyond me. Maybe it's supposed to put your mind into a spell, after all, he is an Indian hypnotist.

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Look deeeeeeep into my penis! Well, I avoided his naked "tiger punch" and penile hypnotism and pressed forth. Somebody has a little respect for themselves. Apparently Soda Popinski refused to do a nude scene for ExDeath.

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And that's a good thing too, because Popinski's drunken insults were always a favorite of mine ex: " I'm going to make you Punch Drunk! And he was the first to unveil the shocking truth about how Little Mac and Doc had something sick going on behind the scenes. You can read all about that in my interview with Soda Popinski.

So hats off to you Popinski, at least one Punch-Out fighter won't be forever engraved in my mind as a naked madman with gloves. Now onto Mr. Why didn't I see this coming.

I knew he had the same body as Bald Bull, so why would it be any surprise that Mr. Sandman would have a mangina too!? It shouldn't be surprising at all by this point in the game.

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Then again, after having fought so many naked boxers already, I think my mind has suffered quite a bit, so it's safe to assume that I'm a bit out of my realm right now. Let's just keep going I would say that Super Macho Man has respect for himself, since he doesn't appear naked. But the fact that he has hyper man-boobs, which shake so fast they could power a locomotive, is already way more than we ever needed to know about this guy.

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So knowing what horrors lurk underneath his blue speedo is something I'll leave up to your twisted imagination. I'm just trying to get those madly vibrating giant man-boobs out of my mind. And perhaps my next and final opponent can help me do that. It's time to fight the big guy. The king of the ring. Mike Tyson. He actually has the same body as Piston Honda, and the same little bit of his boxing trunks still appearing on his leg. Say, maybe that explains why Piston Honda only has one ball!

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Maybe Mike Tyson bit it off! Sure, he's bit Evander's ear off in the past. But what's to stop him from trying other various body parts on the menu? AH HA! In the end, Tyson kicked my puny clothed-ass from here to kingdom come. And you know what? I don't care. I'm not going to fight him in a rematch. To play this game, please, download the latest Flash player! You can start playing game in 10 Seconds. Genre: platform Developed by: , You can download ROM in 10 Seconds.