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Even restore the windows you had open on restart. Plus it works seamlessly across all your accounts. Open documents in their own windows so you can multi-task like never before using documents across applications and accounts.

Kiwi enables people with large screens and multiple monitors to use G Suite apps in a more intense, business-focused way. One of the great things about Gmail are third-party plugins. We just added support for Boomerang, our users' most requested plugin, and will be adding more in the future.

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Gmail's important flags are unique. Watch us use them to filter the noise of email, like no one else can.

A free Mac application to help you avoid distracting websites.

Hide email counts , badges , and notifications until tomorrow. You'll still get notifications from other apps - just not email. Focus, without cutting off the outside world. Google Account Access Information. Windows Mac. Getting started with Kiwi is super simple. I am loving Kiwi. So when are you making a Windows version? KiwiforGmail is kind of changing my life. Awesome, thanks!

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Loving the app! Can't miss app. KiwiforGmail works great. If you're on Gmail that is. Kiwi for Gmail app Gmail into a full-powered desktop email client. They delivered on their promises and gave so much more. Loving the program! Love the program! Freed from the browser Gmail is powerful. As a well-designed email client, it has no equal. Introducing the Focus Filtered Inbox Filter out email noise and focus on what's important. Gmail as your Default Email Client It's the simple things that make it seamless.

The Compose Window Simple and clean, email as easy as texting. Finally a solution for office productivity that competes with Microsoft Office Open Recent Documents Now it's this easy to get back to your work.

Tired of switching between accounts, and logging in and out?

Reliable Multiple Accounts All in one place, with just one click. Multiple Windows. Changes Everything. Gmail and Docs, like never before. All of G Suite. Seamless across every account. The entire G Suite package, every corner, has been transformed. Perfect for Multiple Monitors. Take full advantage of your extra screen space. More Plugins on the way. Important-Only Notifications Gmail's important flags are unique. Gestures Never use the back or forward buttons again. Navigate your email with ease. One of the most wildly popular Kickstarters of Sign up for our Newsletter.

Thank You! All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Kiwi for Gmail is formerly known as Gmail for Mac. Select Next when asked if you want to sign in to this device using your Microsoft account. If you don't want to use this app, you can still add your email to the default iOS mail app.

Answer Yes to the question Let this app access your info? You can change these permissions at any time in your account settings.

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If you don't need to add another account, select Maybe Later to access your account. Enter your email address and your password and select Sign in. By default, Mail , Contacts , Calendars , and Reminders are all enabled. If you want to turn any of those types of information off, tap the sliders, and then select Save. On Android devices, you can download the Microsoft Outlook app to access your email, calendar, and contacts.

If you don't want to use this app, you can still add your email to the default Android mail app. Choose how often you want the Gmail app to sync with your account and select Next. Confirm your account name and the name that is displayed on your messages and select Next. You can add your Outlook. Enter your Outlook. To create a new app password for an app or device, take the following steps. You can repeat these steps to create an app password for as many apps or devices as you need.

Manage your iPhone. Your way.

A new app password is generated and appears on your screen. Add your other email accounts to Outlook. Create, view, and edit contacts and contact lists in Outlook.