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The next big success of the Polish game development company came during the release of "This War of Mine.

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Compared to other war-themed games, it concentrates on the experience of the civilians rather than the frontline combat. Most critics and users have agreed with this and believe it to be the reason for the game's popularity and success. On the day of its release, the company stock rose from 2 Euros to Another popular game of 11 Bit Studios, "Frostpunk," was announced in and released in April It also gained favorable reviews, including a rating of 84 out of from Metacritic.

In just over 66 hours, "Frostpunk" received , sales. According to PC World reviews, the game has produced a city sim that is richly conceived. Gamers and critics have found the game to have the same exploration overlap as "This War of Mine.

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The main goal of 11 Bit Studios is to provide games that are easily available via digital distribution. Thus, they distribute their games to several popular platforms. With more than a billion gamers around the world, the company is targeting a wide audience by offering numerous ways to play. Please note that anomaly2game.

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Articles Contact About 11bit Studios. The History of 11 Bit Studios June 9 , Humankind is on the verge of extinction. Banded together in huge convoys, they search the frozen tundra for food and supplies. Since the war, the roles have been reversed: now our species seems to be the Anomaly on a machine-controlled planet. Your convoy, Commander, is called Yukon. The core elements of the original — tactical planning and the on-field Commander to support troops in combat — are spiced up by a number of important new features.

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Hover for at zoom. Anomaly 2. En cd-key er en "kode" der giver adgang til at download og brug af varen, via en bestemt platform..

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Nej, du modtager intet fysisk fra os. Du kan altid komme i gang med det samme, med en digital kode Ingen ventetid Levering indenfor sekunder.

Key Features: Morph your troops into war mechs to discover the new face of strategy: each unit has a different mech form with various abilities to help you overcome specific combat situations.