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Any with fewer than six shades were eliminated immediately. To ensure options for darker skin, we made sure the formulas we passed were above average in either medium shades or dark shades preferably both. We scrutinized product photos, user reviews, and makeup tutorial videos to see what the packaging for each product was like. We cut anything with packaging that involves contaminating the entirety of the product in the container think: tubs , forces you to apply a contaminated applicator to your face, or forces you to use a brand-new spatula with each application in order to ensure hygienic application.

While talking to makeup artists about what defines an excellent foundation, the same features kept resurfacing: easy to apply, flawless finish, and comfortable wear. To find out which formulas would hold up flawlessly throughout hour long days, we tried out all 22 of our finalists with our team of office volunteers.

Do Match Your Spot Concealer to Your Skin

Testers ranged from near-makeup novices to bonafide beauty aficionados, but the goal for everyone was the same: to find out which products were mess-free, smoothly blendable, transfer- and fade-proof, and breathable. We scored every formula for its packaging, blendability, wear time, and coverage. Testers put the foundations through transfer tests, wore them through long work days, nights out, gym workouts, and weekend adventures.

The best held up with flawless, breathable coverage through rainy Seattle weather, while the worst dried out skin and became flaky or clumpy. Our testers loved it too. It was also easy to blend and didn't stand out on my face as obviously makeup. The all-matte coverage starts out medium, but is buildable up to full coverage.

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Deol started the company, which is sold exclusively online and through Sephora, to address the dearth of medium foundation shades that Latina, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and biracial makeup users often search for in vain. This foundation comes in 35 different shades, with a special focus on medium tones.

It looks a little dewy and I was able to easily blend it into a smooth and even look. As a plus for animal lovers, the entire brand is vegan and cruelty-free. The Stellar line is only available online, exclusively through Sephora. This is frustrating if, like us, you want to physically make sure a product matches your skin before purchasing.

But neither of these points are deal breakers for us, and we heartily recommend Stellar Limitless to anyone, especially makeup lovers with medium skin tones that are fed up with hunting down their shades. The first thing to know is that this foundation is seriously full coverage. Kat Von D and her fans have demonstrated that this foundation, combined with her Lock-It Tattoo Concealer , can cover up tattoos without a trace. If you have serious blemishes or pigmentation you want hidden from view, this stuff has the heavy-duty power needed to do it.

And though full-coverage foundations have the reputation of being cakey or uncomfortable, we found during testing that it felt nice and easy on our faces.


For those who prefer powder foundation, you can also get similar full coverage although not in as many shades from Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation. Kat Von D products are not tested on animals and are completely free of animal-derived ingredients. All of which makes this foundation a great alternative for vegans and those interested in animal welfare issues.

Gudaeva warns not to try and color-match foundations against your hand. If the foundation matches your skin in those spots, your face will match your body when wearing it. Powders should be replaced between every years. This will prevent flashback and the cakey look of too much makeup. And of course, no matter how much you love it, never sleep in your foundation : this can cause avoidable skin issues like clogged pores and premature wrinkles.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in “04 Natural” Review

Shade ranges are complicated. This forces women of color to mix shades in order to achieve their match. Start by moisturizing and using a concealer to blot out any blemishes. Apply your foundation as usual, then apply highlighter where light hits most: above your cheekbones, in between your eyebrows, and down the centerline of your chin. Finally, blend everything thoroughly, blot out any lines between the shades, and finish the look with a setting powder.

Provocateur Amazonian Clay Pressed Mineral Powder

Start by applying a thin layer of moisturizer first and blending it in well. When applying your foundation, remember that less is more. Many people use too much, and the results can look cakey and theatrical. Start with a portion the size of a small pea—you can always add more. Your skin has an undertone. We got bombarded with orders.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in "04 Natural" Review | Everything-That Matters

I guess that's when I needed to get serious and get a partner. Rosalind Landis had hired me a year before, at her PR firm, to talk about how you could use eye shadows. We went out to dinner one night--Roz, her husband, Ken, who was in the cosmetics industry, and my husband, who is a business attorney.

It turns out Ken's family had moved to Florida and bought this house. The weirdest thing: They bought it from my mother. I was at a dinner party and I said to this woman, "What do you do? They had too much going on that season. I remember my stomach dropping when I got the message. I was at a photo shoot for Saks and telling the creative directors and art directors about this new line, and they said, "Oh, my God.

A brief history of Bobbi Brown

We want it. We're going to take it. Now I know, that's called bluffing. Customers started coming. People said, "You have to do lip pencils. You have to do blush. I was even being quoted about other things. They started treating makeup artists as celebrities. Before Lauder came knocking we had two big offers we turned down. When Lauder bought M. Then Frederic Fekkai said Leonard Lauder wanted to meet me. We sat on Leonard's deck overlooking Central Park. He said, "We want to buy you because you are beating us in all the stores, and what you've done is amazing, and you remind me of my mother when she started.

I sold the company because Leonard said, "I want you to keep doing what you're doing. At the same time, Roz and I were always , and it was a struggle. It was a successful relationship, but we butted heads regularly. Lauder brought her in corporately to help work on new acquisitions. And then eventually she left the company.

Things we were doing were being knocked off. Blah, blah, blah. First of all, move out of the GM Building. Move downtown into a cool loft. Put in my head of marketing, Maureen Case, as president. And completely open, change the culture. Our products became a little more fun and fresh.