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Once you put it all together, then you deal with software, which is often the root cause of stability issues. Buggy drivers, buggy firmware and sometimes incompatible hardware can be pretty frustrating to deal with for an average user.

Apple Mac Mini vs Intel NUC: Performance

Apple products generally do not have such problems. The motherboards are carefully designed to work with the chosen hardware components and everything is cherry-picked to perform the best for that platform. Once components are put together, drivers and firmware are optimized for that specific hardware, so one does not have to deal with third party drivers or support. As a result, you end up with a more stable system and less hardware and software integration headaches to worry about in the long term. As PC users, we are used to running periodic driver updates, firmware updates and operating system updates.

Mac users rarely go through the same hassles, because software, firmware and driver updates are delivered in a single update package. There are no independent components from third party manufacturers to be hassled with. Does this make Macs better than PCs? As you may already know, Microsoft has been putting a lot of resources into hardware manufacturing with its Microsoft Surface and Surface Book lines of laptops.

In my opinion, with this move, Microsoft will be a direct competitor and potentially a direct competitor for Apple in the future, since Microsoft is following exactly the same methodology of successfully coupling hardware and software together. Just like Apple, Microsoft can optimize its drivers and operating system to work well with the carefully chosen hardware, delivering rock-solid stability.

What about the underlying software that talks directly to computer hardware, the Operating System? So that in itself can be considered to be an advantage for PCs — freedom to choose any operating system without any concerns.

Canon pixma ip3000 software download mac

Thus, at the end of the day, it is basically the battle of Windows vs Mac OS. So which operating system is better and more stable? This is one area where Apple fans will defend their territory big time. If one is able to get solid hardware with well-tested drivers, Microsoft Windows is a very stable and reliable operating system.

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Unless you have serious hardware issues or nasty viruses more on viruses below , you should never be seeing errors! True, Microsoft has had its share of bad days. We all had our good laugh that day and we have seen many more failures afterwards too. Windows Millennium ME was a total disaster. Few people liked Vista and Windows 8 did not get much love either. I was on a beta-testing team when Microsoft launched Windows and since the day the OS got a complete overhaul, with the underlying kernel running on NT code, Microsoft Windows has been a solid and a reliable operating system.

All the instability issues we have seen have been the result of poor software and hardware integration, which Microsoft started to tackle later on with signed drivers. Still, it is nearly impossible to get every hardware vendor to integrate well with all components of software — the biggest challenge for any OS maker. So if your experience with Windows OS has been bad, you most likely had some serious hardware or software compatibility issues. However, that only applies to the operating system layer and the basic, OS-provided applications — the same does not apply to third party applications.

Just in the past 6 months, I have seen many cases of all kinds of software crashes on the iMac Retina that I have been using. In short, crap software will be crap on any machine, whether it is a PC or a Mac.

12222 Apple Mac Pro vs. 2013 Mac Pro: How Far Has the Hardware Come?

Nope, not true. It sucks resources and wastes memory on my PC and it is no different on my iMac. When doing our first video project , I thought that doing editing on my iMac would be a good idea. After just a few hours and dozens of application errors and shutdowns, I ended up moving the project back to my PC — it was simply unbearable. In this particular case, I was better off working on my PC than on the iMac! I was still experiencing occasional crashes, but there were nearly not as bad. Adobe later pushed a few updates to take care of these stability issues, but it was already too late — I did not want to trust the Mac to run any Adobe apps reliably.

In summary, there are no serious differences in operating systems in my opinion. Both Windows and Mac OS are equally reliable. What about virus and trojan outbreaks? We hear about this one a lot too, with Apple fans arguing that Apple machines suffer from much less software and hardware exploit issues. This one I have to agree on — and the main reason is popularity. Simply put, there are far more PCs out there to target compared to Macs.

For mass-hacking and denial of service attacks, the more machines in the inventory, the better. So naturally, PCs would be better targets, as they have the volume. With the rise of Apple machines and gadgets, more and more hackers are targeting Macs. Both require elevated privileges for installing software, both prohibit easy launching of downloaded files, and operating system files are protected from modifications. Back in the day, Apple fans could brag on Mac OS being based on the more stable Unix platform, but that argument is a moot point for me personally.

Apple makes beautiful products and sadly, I cannot think of a single PC that is as aesthetically as pleasing as a Mac. When was the last time you saw a truly beautiful PC? PC manufacturers have tried every possible design and the result is sadly one ugliness after another.

These can be beautiful, simple and sleek to use. But in all honesty, none still beat the aesthetics of Apple products. Another area Apple is very strong at is ergonomics. The idea of a simplistic design also equally applies to navigation and use of both hardware and software components. After using the iMac, I have to say, nobody has the trackpad in the PC world figured out when compared to Apple. In fact, all PC trackpads suck badly. Every laptop trackpad I have used to date has been junk — very frustrating to use, even on the latest, most expensive machines.

To truly appreciate navigational ergonomics, give the Magic Trackpad a try. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will never want to use anything else. And this trackpad experience is mirrored across all Apple products.

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It just works! Apple invented multi-touch and hand gestures, so it is no wonder why they are so good at it. When Apple released the iPhone with a single button, people laughed. When Apple released the iPad, people laughed again. But those two products have been extremely successful because of their simplicity of operation.

Today, every phone maker is copying the same idea — now we even have buttonless phones! I could build a very fast PC, which will slaughter pretty much any Mac out there, at half the cost. So if we look at the desktop space, Apple cannot really compete. In these areas, Apple surely has very appealing products, which in some cases are priced fairly. Now there are some exceptions. For example, the iMac Retina is a very unique machine, which actually has no real PC equivalent. So the cost factor has to be looked at on a case by case basis. Overall though, with a few exceptions listed above, Apple products are generally priced much higher than PCs when looking at very similar specifications.

PCs can be designed to accommodate high-end components and can be flexible enough to push their limits beyond specifications. One can get a fairly cheap setup and overclock it. It might not be as stable as a result, but it will obliterate a competing Mac in performance. People can push hardware to the limits and get far more done in a much shorter period of time. Another area where Apple struggles is upgrade options.

Once you buy a machine, it is easier to get it replaced, than to upgrade its components. Aside from a few exceptions, like swapping out a hard drive or upgrading RAM, there is little future upgrade path for a Mac. PC users can buy components and reuse them in their future builds with ease, saving money in the long term. It is far cheaper to upgrade a motherboard with a CPU, than to buy a brand new machine. Some Macs make it extremely difficult, or nearly impossible to switch out components.

For example, the all-in-one iMac is so stuffed inside, that even an experienced techie would have a hard time swapping basic components like the hard drive.

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I wrote about this in my previous article on how to buy an iMac. Now some people might argue that Apple computers are a long-term investment, that upgrades are not needed and the machines generally can serve longer, which makes it worthwhile to spend the premium on them.

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