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One major change is that yWriter 7 will load version 5 and 6 projects as well as version 7 , and you can easily switch a project between the three different versions. One of the reasons I embarked on yWriter 7 was to begin the long process of releasing a MacOS version of my software.

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Most software consists of two parts - the user interface, which you interact with, and the code behind it which does all the work. Unfortunately, it's a massive task to convert the 'visible' user interface part of the program.

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This is why the IOS and Android versions look pretty basic, and lack many of the features of the Windows version. The features are there, in the background code, but I haven't had time to create a user interface to interact with them. It does look like a future version of the programming language I use MAY support my existing user interface, without having to change anything.

If and when that happens, I can release a Mac version almost immediately. I released a beta version of yWriter for Android and IOS this week - the IOS version supports 'save as', and is currently being tested by a group of users on Apple's 'Testflight' system. The Android version uses the new 'ywriter7' code which should sort out any issues with stray RTF appearing in scene text.

I real … ly and truly hate it when companies do this - it's the reason I write everything from scratch with my Windows apps, which is why they still work 20 years later. Unfortunately, mobile apps have to go through hoops AND they generally need connectivity of some kind, and if the supplier says we're now driving on the other side of the road Such a monumental waste of time and effort though. I also reactivated yWriter on the App Store in Australia, after they reached out to let me know there's a way around their requirement for GST registration.

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Can anyone suggest a workaround, or some way to get the program to actually install? Afficher la suite. Export to Mobi and Epub is also working, provided you install Calibre also free. Development is ongoing!

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I'm not much of a Mac person Here are before-and-after shots. Next up, loading RTF into the scene editor windows. It's getting there, though. More progress on yWriter Mac I do have a patreon if anyone's keen to support my efforts to bring yWriter to the Mac. Another day of progress It doesn't DO anything yet, but it's a start After that, I'll publish it to iTunes.

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I've been working hard on yWriter 7, and today I released a beta for testing purposes. Technical stuff follows - ignore the next bit if that's not your thing! As it's the personal site of the developer I'd be wary of anything that didn't come directly from there. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is yWriter for Mac reputable?

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Is this a safe download? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. Active 2 years, 8 months ago. Viewed times. Vikkie Vikkie 3 1 1 bronze badge. Is this on-topic? Consider meta. However, it's not about the tool but downloading it, I think it's off-topic, but not related to this meta question. This is the link to Simon Haynes explanation for downloading a version of yWriter that will work on Mac and Linux.

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