Activity monitor mac user daemon

If you check Activity Monitor on your Mac, you will find something named parentalcontrolsd running in the background.

It may use up your CPU cycles or just be there and you do not even know what that is. First of all, do not worry: it is a part of macOS obviously so there is no danger for your Mac. If you still have no idea, this is Parental Controls related process that lets parents take control of time spent on the device and apps used by their children.

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If you regularly read man pages, you should know that just a few processes have such specifically outlined task. Theoretically, it will not give you any troubles but in reality, we see that it actually can.

Copy & Paste acting up on Mac? Here's how to fix it

Let us give you a few tips on how to turn it off to avoid any surprises. As a rule, if you have not enabled the function of parental controls, the daemon should not be running. So, if you have no kids or just do not let them use your device and you do not remember setting it up, we understand your concern on why this program is still running in the background.

Great, you saved your time and fixed this issue without restarting a Mac! Terminal can help you quit the process responsible for clipboard activity, and you can do it in three easy steps:. It is up to you to decide which troubleshooting way to use.

What is hidd? Why is it running?

If your Mac is still acting up, save all your data and reboot your machine. Just click the Apple logo in the Menu bar, and then click Restart. Forewarned is forearmed, so add these tricks to your arsenal just in case. And feel free to comment below if you know any other workarounds. We use cookies along with other tools to give you the best possible experience while on this website.

Using Activity Monitor to Easily Troubleshoot Your Mac

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Solution 1. Type pboard in the Activity Monitor search bar.

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