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Graphics and sound have to be good, none of that open-gl kind of skins.

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Resolution only needs to be x Has anyone had success on either the new mac mini's or imacs? Which model did you buy, and what processor, ram, and video card are you using? Also, in general, are macs quiet and do they stay quiet after years, or are they like pc's where the fans get loud after a few years. Some more things to think about.

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DO they make an OSX version of this game? Will you be using this game in Windows? If so the only real choice for you is an intel Mac.

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If thats the case you would get better graphics support with a intel iMac than the mini. I've played the UT you're talking about on a Mac mini 1.

Unreal Tournament for Mac OSX

I have no idea what resolution I was playing at because when we former co-workers get together for an all-night blast-fest, we could give a shit about what resolution it's at. We simply want to get into Deck 16 and blast the hell out of each other. Joe join Des Plaines, IL. Thanks for the suggestions. I may try buying the solo mini.

Unreal Tournament for Mac OSX - PaulTheTall PaulTheTall

I just hope there's ng restocking fee if I buy one and have to return it if it won't play ut. Do the Intel Macs even have classic? It would only run in the Classic environment on a G4 Mac mini and play terrible. PROS Excellent graphics, sound and gameplay Up to ten different battle modes Allows up to 32 players to compete at the same time Lots of user generated challenges and contests. Softonic review It might be 5 years old now but the Unreal Tournament demo remains a hugely popular download due to the game's explosive gameplay and superb graphics.

Download Unreal Tournament Demo for Mac. Download for Mac. User reviews about Unreal Tournament Review. Adobe DNG Converter. EZ 7z. PhotoStudio 6 for Mac.

How To Download and Install Unreal Tournament (Windows & Mac)

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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. If you need more information, just ask and i'll get it for you. He already tried using different versions of WINE and those did not work for him. Thanks for all your help guys. Want to add to the discussion?

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