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We will take care of all the steps to get you running on OpenProject as fast and hasslefree as possible. So you can concentrate on your key business. Enhance your OpenProject application with powerful customized plugins tailored to your specific requirements. We have a strong engineering team that supports you in your development projects.

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We deliver the confidence of a tested, supported and certified enterprise-class business application. Training and consulting.

No matter if you are new to OpenProject or an experienced user, our training sessions can help you discover how to get the most out of your OpenProject platform, allowing you and your team to achieve more. OpenProject best fit our needs. Agile project management is around now for quite a long time and became popular for most industries and organizations. It … Continued. We are proud to announce the release of OpenProject 9. The release introduces a new board view for OpenProject, work … Continued. Starting in OpenProject 9. MySQL … Continued.

Open source. No credit card needed. Collaborative Project Management Open source project management software. Successful companies trust OpenProject. See what's new. OpenProject is the leading open source project management software Support your project management process along the entire project life cycle: From project initiation to closure.

Project planning and scheduling With shared timelines you can activate the experience and creativity of your entire team to collaboratively create and visualize your project plan. Product management and roadmap planning. Task management and team collaboration Getting the important things done — individually and collaboratively as a team. Bug tracking. Time tracking, cost reporting and budgeting. OpenProject makes time tracking easy.

73 Free, Open Source and Top Project Management Software

Projectric is a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to manage their entire portfolio of projects. Ensure that the initiatives with the highest impact are identified, utilize resources, and measure results. From project Deltek Vision. Recent recommendations: 5 recommendations. Scoro is a cloud-based professional services solution for small to midsize companies in advertising, consulting, IT and other industries.

The solution provides a control hub that displays pending tasks, account information, key performance Replicon TimeCost. Organizations can manage resource productivity and assign specific people Recent recommendations: 4 recommendations. Businesses across industries are increasingly looking to adopt project management PM software.

Indeed, between and , the number of first-time, small-business buyers who contacted Software Advice in search of a PM system rose 14 percent. Prospective buyers have several purchase considerations, including which operating system OS the software supports. While Windows products previously dominated the workplace, the increasing popularity of iPhones, iPads and iMacs means that more and more businesses are looking for project management software for Mac devices. Additionally, with the prevalence of cloud-based PM platforms the majority of which can run on any operating system , dedicated Apple users have more options than ever before.

Native Mac products are designed to run on the Apple operating system, and provide a consistent user experience across Apple devices. There are some industries, such as software and technology, which tend to lean more heavily on Apple products and find a greater return on investment with native Mac solutions. However, many PM software vendors are now designing cloud-based, OS-agnostic solutions so as to reach a greater audience; as a result, there are relatively few Mac-only PM tools available in the market.

Traditional on-premise solutions tend to be more expensive up front, since the user pays for the license to own and operate the software in perpetuity. However, as you can see in the chart below, the long-term costs for both licensing models eventually converge.

To estimate the total cost of ownership for deploying a cloud-based or on-premise solution at your business, check out our Total Cost of Ownership Calculator. However, most are comprehensive suites helping to support all stages of the project life cycle, including:. This is especially useful for all organizations practicing project risk management. It can also help specialized teams in certain industries, such as design firms or software developers, that need access to decisions surrounding version changes, new releases and issues or bug fixes among other things.

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PM software should easily integrate with existing business applications e. Integrating your PM system with your accounting platform is especially important, as it will help streamline your project financials, including budgeting, job costing, billing and invoicing.

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Be sure to discuss any integration requirements with vendors prior to purchasing a system. Industry needs. If your organization uses Apple hardware and software, then native Mac project management software might be right for you. With remote work becoming more commonplace, cloud solutions facilitate a working environment that is standardized, collaborative and transparent and that keeps remote workers accountable.

Cloud solutions can be accessed from multiple devices, helping project teams stay connected. And features such as activity streams and in-app or email notifications help team members stay apprised of project updates and changes. Resources About Us.

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