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Each layer in Seashore has either two or four channels. In the case of a grayscale image, these are the grey and alpha channels, and in the case of a color image, they are red, green, blue, and alpha channels. Seashore typically works on all channels at once. The 14 tools available in Seashore can be accessed through the toolbox. A number of tools also support textures, including the pencil, the paintbrush and the paintbucket. A number of tools also rely upon a brush shape to work, including the paintbrush, the eraser and the smudge tool. Selections can be either anchored or floating.

The selection tool can select using three possible shapes: The ellipse and rounded-rectangle are anti-aliased, so when they are filled their edges appear smooth to the user. The Lasso tool allows you to select an arbitrary shape. To do so, simply click at the point where you want the shape to begin, trace out the shape with the mouse button down, and release once complete. The Color Selection tool selects all pixels on a single layer that surround a given pixel and are within a given tolerance range. This allows the user to select all nearby pixels of similar color.

To use the tool simply click on the desired base pixel.

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The Position tool allows you to adjust the position of a layer on the canvas; it also allows you to scale layers and floating selections — and to rotate floating selections. The Zoom tool allows you to zoom in on any part of the canvas. To do this, simply point-and-click on the part of the canvas you wish to zoom in on. You can also zoom out by holding down the option key while you click.

The Pencil allows you to draw squares on the current layer. The squares can range in size from 1 to 21 pixels. The pencil deliberately does not use anti-aliasing, as it is intended for users who wish to edit a handful of pixels in a very precise manner.

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The Paintbrush allows you to draw various brush strokes on the current layer. By default, Seashore comes with a range of brush shapes and, using Brushed, users can add their own. The Paintbrush uses anti-aliasing so as to create smooth flowing brush strokes. The Paintbucket allows you to flood an area of similar color with a single color or texture. To determine what area of the layer to flood, the paint bucket relies on a tolerance range that works the same way as the color selection tool. The Text tool allows you to place a line of text anywhere on the current layer. To place the text, simply click where you want the baseline of the text to go.

The Eraser allows you to erase pixels from the current layer. In the case of a layer with its alpha channel disabled, this means setting pixels to the background color. The Color Sampling tool allows you to set the foreground color to that of a pixel or a group of pixels on the canvas. To achieve this, simply click on the position of the pixel or pixel group that you want to use for the foreground color.

The Gradient tool allows you to create a gradual shift from the foreground color to the background color. The area affected by the tool is constrained to the selected area of the active layer — or the whole layer if no area is selected. The Smudge tool allows you to smudge part of the current layer using the current brush shape. To smudge part of the layer, simply click the point where you want the smudge to begin and drag to the point where you want the smudge to end. The Crop tool allows you to adjust the boundaries of an image so that they match a particular rectangle. This rectangle is formed by a click-and-drag operation similar to what you would use to select items in the Finder.

FREE Photo Editors (RAW): Photoscape X & RawTherapee

A dialog should appear giving you the option to target the Web or print. SVG is fast emerging as an important image format industry, and there are already a number of SVG collections available online. The add-on requires Java 1. Unlike its predecessor, JPEG supports alpha channels and lossless compression, as well as featuring better results at low compression values. Support for JPEG is still limited in many browsers, so use for this format is limited. It also destroys the mask of a layer by composting it on to the alpha channel of that layer.

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Seashore may inadvertently interfere with other aspects of an XCF file, so make sure to keep a copy of important XCF files before editing them with Seashore. The information panel presents the user with information on the current cursor position, selection size, and pixel group color. Both the cursor position and selection size can be quoted in any of three measuring units: To toggle between the units, press the numerical values in the information panel. An Options palette with three tabbed panels lets you select image attributes, brush sizes and textures.

Option in Color It! You have to copy and paste, which is a lot more cumbersome. System requirements: Most features work on Mac OS X Key Features Drawing tools: To better distinguish artists in our music collection, label plays an important role.

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To do this, some people are searching for them on the Internet. Eye Candy is a professional image editor which makes it possible to render realistic effects that are not possible or hard to achieve with Photoshop. This version is packed with several enhancements.

What's the Best Photo Editor for Mac OS X

Key Features Effects: This is a special program for viewing images or photos on a Mac. You can read most image formats known and animated GIFs. This program also allows you to edit or crop your photos. Creature House Expression is a program designed to create illustrations and graphics. The drawings are based on a vector system.

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  • The possibilities are endless given the number of functions available. It's pretty easy use thanks to its SimpleViewer allows creating flash image gallery.

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    • With this tool, it is easy to generate photo gallery from photo collections, photo albums or other photo editing applications such as Photoshop or Picasa. Key Features Generating photo UniConvertor is a software designed to convert a graphic file to another one. It supports various types of input and output format.

      GIMP for Mac OS X 2.8.4

      Key features Converting: The field of CAD is expanding rapidly with more powerful machines and advanced software. There are programs like VectorWorks that can assist in this area. This is a program specially designed for CAD on a Mac. It uses 2D and 3D images to This program is quite simply an add-in for Illustrator CS3. It will allow you to create maps quickly or vector terrains from integrated symbols. The application offers vector symbols which help landscape designers to create outstanding Search Graphics. Results 1 - 20 of about Google Earth Google Earth is a very popular geolocation software that can be used as an aerial camera, helping you explore the world from your computer or mobile device.

      Free OS: EN Version: Cinema4D Customizing animations is made possible with Cinema4D. Demo OS: Focus Magic The risk of ma king blurred photos is always great and you only discover these imperfections when viewing your photos on a larger screen. Mac OS X Language: MakeHuman MakeHuman is a 3D modelling software which is free and easy to use. Facebook Camera Facebook Camera allows you to edit your photos and add filters. Window Image Capture Window Image Capture is an image capture tool that can record active and inactive window.

      Picasa for Mac Everyone knows that Picasa is a great tool picture management. Shareware OS: ArtRage 4 ArtRage 4 is a professional image editing program.