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SoundConverter is now up to 16x faster. It uses all available cores on your Mac. SoundConverter now includes a list of active conversions, making it easier track of the progress, errors and location of each converted file. Fixed a number of issues with wave conversion. Engineers at Motorola's handset division in the Chicago suburbs started working with Apple's applications team in Silicon Valley to adapt the iTunes software. They had to deal with situations iTunes hadn't been designed for, like how to handle a text message and what to do when a call comes in while music is playing.

They logged a lot of airline miles. The Motorola team soon discovered that working with Apple means making compromises. A key part of the iTunes package, for example, is FairPlay, Apple's digital rights management software. Ostensibly, DRM exists to benefit the music companies, but it's an equally handy control mechanism for the tech outfits that develop it — companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Apple.

Carrie Mac -till i see you again

FairPlay would set limits on the new phone: It couldn't play music from any major online store but iTunes. It couldn't hold more than songs. Once Apple and Motorola came up with a product, they would need to partner with at least one major wireless operator to get it distributed. This was critical, particularly in the US, where carriers so dominate the distribution channels that only 0. Meetings were scheduled with some of the world's largest carriers — Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, Cingular. But they were bound to object to the handset Moto and Apple were offering, for any number of reasons.

For a carrier, the whole point of putting music on a cell phone is to make money on data traffic from songs downloaded wirelessly.

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Carriers also like to make money handling the billing for those downloads. The only way to load music onto the phone is to sync it with your computer; to buy new music, you have to access the iTunes store through your computer, bypassing the carrier's network and billing service. Even worse from the carriers' point of view, iTunes would compete with the music stores they themselves are setting up. Never mind that iTunes has far more name recognition than a carrier's brand could ever hope to achieve, and thus would lure new subscribers.

For companies that live off their monopoly on spectrum, it's hard to view competition as good. So the ROKR took a while.

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Its debut was rumored for January, February, then March. The formal unveiling was scheduled for the second week in March at a big consumer electronics show in Germany. Two days before the event, however, Motorola scrapped the announcement after talks "with our carriers," a spokesperson told the Chicago Tribune at the time: "We decided to wait to announce it when everybody is in sync with it.

The introduction was postponed at Apple's behest, Zander said, because the ROKR wasn't ready and Jobs doesn't believe in launching products before you can buy them. The real reason for the delay, analysts and industry executives say, was that carriers balked at the phone's limitations.

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Jobs declared last May at the D: All Things Digital conference that Apple is "not very good at going through orifices to get to the end users. To anyone who knows the orifice — i. The rumor is that one or more carriers told Motorola that if it went ahead with the ROKR, it could forget about selling other phones through their stores. Motorola denies that ever happened, but industry insiders find it awfully plausible.

Motorola's partner of choice in the US was always Cingular, the biggest of the four major domestic carriers.

Carrie Mac - Till I See You Again (Cahill Remix) mp3 flac download

According to one exec with close ties to Cingular, the product development group was ready to go with the ROKR until a few weeks before the planned launch in March. That's when the data services group found out about it. People on the data side had their own ambitions for a music service and wanted to think twice before putting out an iTunes phone — especially one that wouldn't do downloads. Eventually, Cingular concluded that the association with iTunes would be a benefit regardless.

Behind him, in a broad corridor in the Moscone Center, the hands-on demonstration area for the ROKR was half as big as the space allocated to the superslim iPod nano, whose debut Jobs presented as the big news of the day. If Garriques noticed the dis-parity, he didn't let on. I have never once had a conversation with a carrier in the US who showed any concern that the early versions of this don't have over-the-air downloading.

A couple of weeks later, as the nano gained momentum while the ROKR languished in a netherworld of disappointment, Zander was less inclined to be charitable toward his old friend. People are going to want devices that do more than just play music, he insisted. The ROKR is just the start of an onslaught of new music phones and services that will be introduced over the next few months by every major US carrier.

At best, these offerings will approach what's been available in other parts of the world — western Europe, Japan, Korea — for a year or two. European carriers provide not just wireless downloads but artists' minisites for buying ring tones and concert tickets.

In Japan you can read song lyrics onscreen as you sing along, karaoke-style. And you can do all this over 3G networks that deliver a tune in seconds, not minutes — networks the US carriers are onlybeginning to introduce. This fall, just as American carriers are launching their first music services, international players like Orange will begin rolling out version 2. The new Orange service, developed by the French ring tone pioneer Musiwave, starts with the idea that a wireless handset is a personal radio device; a competing service that Sony is pitching to major carriers proceeds from the same notion.

Put the cell phone together with an MP3 player, the thinking goes, and you have a receiver-transmitter that should let you discover new music more efficiently than you ever could with broadcast radio. In addition to offering song downloads, the Sony service can stream music to your phone, transforming the handset into an ad-free personal radio. But unlike, say, XM satellite radio, it can be trained to stream only music you feel like hearing: Set the mood you want, and if you hear a song you don't like, push a button and it never plays again. And unlike iTunes, it can predict new music you might enjoy based on genre, or based on subtle classifications like rhythm, beat, and vocal style — the same person might like bluegrass and baroque, after all.

But none of this is likely to take off with consumers in either Europe or the US until two big problems are solved. The first is technical: Individual carriers and handsets use a welter of conflicting file formats and DRM standards that limit what you can do with your music. In Europe, for example, you can send a song to a friend's phone along with your own text message, and your friend can listen to a sample and perhaps buy the song — but only if you're both on the same carrier.

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Most of the key players — including Motorola, Nokia, Cingular, Sony, and Microsoft but not Apple — are trying to sort this stuff out through a consortium, the Open Mobile Alliance. It seeks to implement an open-standard DRM that lets people play music on different devices no matter where it was purchased as long as it wasn't iTunes. But the effort is being held hostage by a pool of DRM patent holders that want a sizable cut of the proceeds from any music downloads.

Until everyone can agree, incompatibility reigns: "It's as if your record player plays cylinders and mine plays flat discs," John Ingham says. The second problem is price. Following its release, "The Way" sold over , digital downloads within the first 48 hours. This makes Grande the first top ten arrival for a lead female artist making her first Hot appearance since Yael Naim , who launched with " New Soul " back in The song dropped to number 22 during its second week on the chart, and then to number As radio stations gave it more attention, the song gradually rebounded, eventually peaking at number 9 for two weeks.

The official remix features American rapper Fabolous. It was released online on July 11, The music video for "The Way" was filmed on February 10 and 11, On March 16, , the first teaser for the song was released on to her YouTube page. Directed by Jones Crow, the video consists of Grande, Miller, and a group of dancers. Grande poses for pictures taken by Miller on various cameras, while dancing around a room filled with balloons and their images are projected on the wall. At the end of the video Miller and Grande kiss, and Grande described it as "quite a statement" of growing up. She performed the song on May 5 at the Wango Tango.

She also performed the track in a few showcases in Tokyo, Japan, to promote the release of "Yours Truly" in the country. It was also added to the setlist for her world tour, The Honeymoon Tour. It claimed that the line "What we gotta do right here is go back, back into time", which is spoken in the introduction to "The Way", infringes its copyright in the single " Troglodyte " by The Jimmy Castor Bunch , which contains the spoken lyric, "What we're gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time".

The suit argued that the songs' similarities include "nearly identical lyrics; similar enunciation speed with a fast and consistent pace for 'What we gotta do right' and a slightly slower pace for 'here is go back,' and substantially similar placement" at the beginning of both songs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.