Mac mini server raid configuration

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You need to boot from another Thumbdrive or external disk with an Use Carbon Copy cloner to clone your data to the two volumes. Select the boot volume and "convert to Mirror". Which will rebuild in a few minutes Select the data volume and "convert to Mirror".

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I actually inherited responsibility for this server a couple of years ago, but I agree, that SoftRAID must have never been fully setup. I'd like to re-iterate your instructions to make sure I understand what you're recommending.

Trying to replace disk in RAID 1

I presume that I'll need to enter the registration code or whatever it's called. Will this be a problem registering SoftRAID on this external drive since it's presumably already been registered once? Next, I need to create two appropriately sized partitions on my external drive. Then I'll clone the Mac mini's two internal volumes onto these newly created partitions.

Next, I initialize the Mac mini's internal boot drive. I would think this would erase the volumes but since you don't indicate that I need to clone anything back onto this internal drive, thus I assume that this initialize will NOT erase the hard drive. During this process I'll be able to add the new hard drive. Will I be able to partition it during this process?

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I'm also guessing that you're suggesting that I clone both volumes, just to be safe. The single internal drive was constantly backed up locally and offsite, and cloned nightly to an external drive.

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It ran 24x7 for years without a problem. Most vendors offer live demos. A shared drive or partition including external drive on a Mac Mini can be used as a Time Machine target for other macs on your network. Just throwing out an idea that may be beneficial above a NAS system.


Transform your Mac mini into a Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 Storage Server

I choose RAID every time. You could use a G-Drive or LaCie external caddy running disks in RAID, probably spend less for the storage in total, and have the benefits of the Mac Mini for mail rules, file sharing, hazel, media streaming, app and software update caching presuming this is still actually part of macOS server , and whatever else.

You pays your money, and you takes your chances. And the NAS was cheaper. I have had no issues with Synology whatsoever. Keeping it up to date also has been a non-issue.

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It works just fine. It sleeps when I am sleeping. Yes, I may be a little weird when it comes down to energy consumption. Running a Mac Mini with external hard drives is fine. And if you want to add some data security and redundancy to it, just use an external RAID enclosure and connect it to the Mac Mini and you have the best of both worlds. This server is not working properly on my device. It is showing lots of error after updating the device. Do you have any idea to fix Asus Error Code 55 properly?

RAID-0 Mac Mini Server 2011

Apple was nice enough to come out with a migration guide for those few remaining souls using MacOS Server:. But if a drive fails you can install a new one and be back up and running after some time to recreate. Like this: Like Loading Secondary navigation Search. Post navigation. Search for: Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!